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Set the Mood with Imagine Tile

Thinking about creating a mood or setting a specific style? Imagine Tile can help you make a creative twist, whether it is in a commercial or residential space. Baroque Motifs This tile is inspired by the crisp and intricately designed Paisley patterns of Persian fabrics. Part of our Jacquard collection Baroque Motif embraces old world [More]

How to Replace a Broken Tile

A floor covered with ceramic tile is as durable and low maintenance a floor can get, but accidents happen, and the next thing you know your tile is cracked. Even then, you’re going to be glad to have a tile floor because it’s an easy job any homeowner can handle. Safety comes first. That’s why [More]

Bamboo Tiles

Give us your space the relaxed ambiance of an exotic gateway with our Bamboo tiles. They capture the natural beauty and placidity of this beloved plant on easy-to-care-for ceramic tile. Not safe for Pandas.

Uses: Commercial and Residential floors, walls and counters